Cigar Cutters

Cigar Cutters

To properly smoke your cigars, you will need a cigar cutter. The type of cutter you choose has an effect on the intensity of smoke you can enjoy. With a guillotine or scissors cut, you will be able to have a smooth, open draw when smoking. With a v-cut, you will notice the smoke concentration and flavor of the cigar will vary when compared to a guillotine cut. Whatever type of cutter you prefer, Prestige Import Group offers options you need.

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  1. Etched Guillotine Cutter (Gun Metal)

    Gun Metal Precision Made Guillotine w/ Etched Body in Gft Bx (62 Rng) Learn More
  2. Polished Cigar Cutter (Gun Metal)

    Gun Metal Cutter in Black Gift Box - Double Blade (56 Ring Gauge) Learn More
  3. Ridged Edge Cigar Cutter

    Gun Metal Guillotine w/ Ridged Edge Motif in Gift Box (64 Ring Gauge) Learn More
  4. Retractable Cigar Cutter (Gun Metal)

    Gun Metal & Chrome Retractable & Lock Action in Gift Box

    Learn More
  5. Heavy Bodied Cigar Cutter (Gun Metal)

    Gun Metal Cutter (Heavy Bodied in Gift Box) (60 Ring Gauge) Learn More
  6. Titan Box-Wing Cigar Cutter (Gun Metal)

    Titan - High-End Box Wing Dual Blade Cutter w/ Spring Loaded Action (Gray)

    Learn More
  7. Retractable Punch Cutter (GunMetal)

    Retractable Bullet Cutter Key Chain in Gift Box (Gun Metal) Learn More

7 Item(s)

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