We offer a broad range of humidor styles designed to maintain constant humidity for optimum cigar storage. Cigar smokers can browse through a large number of designs, sizes and finishes to choose from. From classic desktop cigar humidors to functional end tables and cabinet displays, you'll find the perfect piece right here. Whether you are looking to display your cigars for personal use or showcase them for commercial point of sale, Prestige Import Group has what you are looking for.

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  1. Carlton

    100 Ct. Polished Steel Accented Black Humidor w/ Silver Hardware Learn More
  2. Ambassador

    100 Count Beveled Glass Top Humidor w/ External Hygro Learn More
  3. Berkeley Digital

    100 Ct. Humidor w/ Glass Top & External Digital Hygrometer Retail Price: $112.00 Learn More
  4. Berkeley

    100 Ct. Humidor w/ Glass Top & External Hygrometer Learn More
  5. Portofino

    120 Ct. Tinted Glass Humidor w/ External Digital Needle & Numeric Disp. Learn More
  6. Delano

    100 Ct. Black Humidor with UV Glass Learn More
  7. Berkeley II

    100 Ct. 2-Tone High Gloss Glass Top & External Black Hygro Learn More

7 Item(s)

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